Leather Colouring Balm

Leather Colouring Balm

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Leather colouring balm is the perfect product to inject new life in old worn faded leather goods.

Can be used on leather sofa, leather car interiors, shoes, jackets and some handbags

Its the perfect partner for Aniline Leather that has faded.

To use the leather re colour balm effectively you will need to clean the leather first of all with our premium leather cleaner, once that has been done and your have dried off the leather by gently rubbing the surface with clean soft cloth you can then apply the balm in a circular motion, working well into the leathers surface. Pay particular attention to areas that are very worn

The next step is to apply some leather protection cream this must be done after applying the leather colouring balm, or the colouring balm will come off on to your clothing.


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